Welcome to Vortex… A new dimension in graphic design.

Need to establish a distinctive look? Get noticed in today's visual whirl?  Make a statement that is undeniably yours, to position your product or service? Let Vortex design your space.

Vortex reaches and breaches new frontiers in alternative graphic design. At Vortex Graphics, we do more than explore for exploration's sake. We break new ground in order to frame your message with compelling images. In some cases this means drawing upon the commonly practiced disciplines of design. Most often we're called to push beyond, to wring and twist convention. But at all times, and across all marketing disciplines, Vortex leaps beyond the ordinary to compose a graphic "Space" - both physical and virtual. A memorable collage. A haunting reflection. A mind-stopping visualization.

As a responsive outfit, Vortex listens intently to your needs - there are no primadonnas here! And, just like a Vortex that swallows up Space, we absorb the ins and outs of your business to help you meet specific needs. From project to project or turnkey campaign, Vortex helps you heat-up your message with concepts that spark excitement.

After all, why settle for a timid flame, when you can fan a raging fire?

When you need to make an impression through expression… let Vortex design your space.